Book Review 11/26/18

I first fell in love with the art of Vincent van Gogh during my first fine-art class. His paintings captured my imagination and his drawings were my tutors. Years later, my husband surprised me with a trip to the Vincent van Gogh museum in the Netherlands and the genius of the artist surrounded me and cemented my love of his artwork.

When I studied the life of Vincent, all literature of the time pointed to Vincent as a creative madman who took his own life. When I was offered the book, “Killing Vincent”, to review, I immediately said yes. Hearing that Vincent may have not taken his own life was an interesting concept to me.

“Killing Vincent” takes you into the last part of Vincent’s life and explores the evidence that suggests the murder of the talented artist. If you are an art history buff or find cold murder cases fascinating, check out this book today.

Carol Heppner,

Posted on Twitter feed with over 108,000 followers on November 26, 2018