Book Signing at Tattered Cover

Dr. Arenberg held his 5th book signing February 28, 2019 at the Tattered Cover located on Colfax Ave near downtown Denver. Dozens of Vincent van Gogh enthusiasts were there to hear Dr. Arenberg give a talk on the topic of the death of Vincent van Gogh. The evening was concluded with wine and cheese.

“Killing Vincent” Book Signing & Talk at Denver’s Tattered Cover (Colfax) Feb. 28th 7pm

Join Us for the next “Killing Vincent” Book Signing & Talk Event: Killing Vincent Book Signing & Talk Location: Tattered Cover Book Store 2526 East Colfax Denver, CO 80206 Time: 7pm Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019 *Complimentary cheese and wine will be served. Killing Vincent: The Man, The Myth, The Murder Author I. Kaufman Arenberg MD has studied and written about Vincent van Gogh for over thirty years, and he never believed the 19th-century legend that the artist committed suicide. Now, he puts forth a different side of the story, one bolstered by new, twenty-first-century forensic evidence. Arenberg will discuss and sign Killing Vincent: The Man, the Myth, and the Murder ($37.95 hc, $14.95 pap, Nostradamus and the 3 Maestros Productions), a non-fiction historical cold case murder mystery about the death of the world-renowned artist, Vincent van Gogh.

Interview with Donna Seebo Show

New Interview with Donna Seebo from Delphi Vision Broadcasting, an Informative Talk and Personal Empowerment Programming Show. I was very pleased to talk to Donna. She asked alot of good questions about Vincent van Gogh. You can listen to the entire broadcast below. My interview starts at the beginning and ends approximately 30 mins in.

Channel 7 Denver Interview

Channel 7 Denver has published the video of the interview with one of Dr. Arenberg’s former inner-ear surgery patients, Aimee Olson. Aimee was only 10 years old when Dr. Arenberg operated on her. She suprised Dr. Arenberg during a book signing of his new work Killing Vincent: The Man, The Myth, and The Murder. You can view the video on YouTube by clicking here. Runtime: 45 Seconds

Interview with Authors Show Radio Host Don McCauley To Be Released Soon

The interview was well organized, and the host, Don McCauley, pleasantly suprised Dr. Arenberg with his expertise in probing deeply into the subject of Vincent van Gogh’s mysterious death leading to Dr. Arenberg answering questions he would not normally get asked. “It was really a comfurtable interview process,” remarked Dr. Arenberg. Dr. Arenberg responded to questions asked about the new book, Killing Vincent: The Man, The Myth, and The Murder. The questions ranged from what the impact of my book would have on his target audience to answering the two questions posed on the cover of TIME magazine (October 31, 2011) “Who killed Vincent van Gogh?” and “Was Vincent’s death really a suicide.” The Authors Show will be releasing the audio of this interview within the next week. The link is be available on the Killing Vincent page.