Docudramas & Documentaries (In Progress)

Forensics related to the death of Vincent van Gogh – Medical Documentaries –(with 2 world renown forensic experts already attached, Dr. V. Di Maio and Dr. Michael Baden

The death of Vincent van Gogh – Another forensic look at the re-enactments and simulations utilizing the same model revolver, pinfire black powder bullets, (pigskin) or entire pigs from slaughterhouses and FBI ballistic gel.

A respectful graveside exhumation and autopsy of Vincent van Gogh for further clues to verify Suicide or Murder: The search for the missing, mysterious and “Magic Bullet. Dr. M. Baden Dr. Di Maio.

The infamous ear episode and the swordsman duel between Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin over the honor of prostitute Rachel.

Johanna van Gogh Bonger and the “Family Friendly” stories of the beloved brothers; Staunch Filial devotion amidst notable dysfunction and misdirection in the last 70 days.

Another look at Vincent’s last portraits: The 3 portraits unmasked to reveal Marguerite Clementine Gachet and not just a “peasant girl” – This unmasking was the basis of the arguments and the honor killing when the “compromise” was unmasked.

Vincent’s other romantic endeavors and fantasies before Marguerite Clementine Gachet.