Inner Ear & News Appearances (Medical Videos)

Inner Ear & News Appearances (Medical Videos)

Researching Shark’s Inner Ears As a Model of Meniere’s Disease in Humans, 1973

Dr. Arenberg tries to replicate Prof. Dr. Georges Portmann’s inner ear experimental model of the hydrops of Meniere’s Disease on sharks. These studies where performed at the Lerner Marine Laboratory on the island of Bimini, Bahamas, 1973. He utilized state of the art shark pens put in place by the office of naval research. Dr. Arenberg did the studies and photographed the animals in various situations including underwater in aluminum shark cages.

Prof. Dr. Georges Portmann and his 1940s movie demonstrating the first inner ear surgery on the endolymphatic sac done with mallet & gouge in the era of no operating microscopes or antibiotics for the successful treatment of Meniere’s disease.

Interview With Prof. Dr. Georges Portmann, 1975

Interview regarding experimental inner ear research first performed in 1926 by Prof. Dr. Georges Portmann on skates (elasmobranches – shark family) The research was performed to create an inner ear model of Meniere’s disease.

I. Kaufman Arenberg, M.D. gives opening address to the 3rd International Symposium & Workshop on Surgery of the Inner-ear in Snowmass-Aspen, Colorado, one week to the 100th anniversary of the death of Vincent van Gogh, July 1990. There were over 250 attendees from around the world.

Educational Video for Patients with Meniere’s Disease

Educational video for patients with Meniere’s Disease from the Ear Center, P.C. circa 1990. Copyright I. Kaufman Arenberg, M.D.

Another artist with Meniere’s Disease, like Vincent van Gogh, changes her color palate from black and white to bright colors after successful surgical intervention.

This video interview highlights one patients almost daily experiences suffering from violent vertigo attacks and hallucinations of rotary motion with nausea and vomiting caused by his Meniere’s disease.

Is There A Successful Treatment for Meniere’s Disease?

Patients undergo surgery for their Meniere’s disease. A fate many people believe was the same one that Vincent van Gogh suffered.

An explanation of the symptoms of Meniere’s disease that applied to Vincent van Gogh.

Real Life Description of the Impact of Unexpected Violent Vertigo Attacks

Real life description of the impact of unexpected violent vertigo attacks with hallucinations of rotary motion, nausea and vomiting similar to Vincent van Gogh. These attacks can happen at anytime. How could Vincent have painted during one of these attacks?

The fear of an unexpected attack at anytime drove Vincent to finish a canvas a day or more.

Before and After Treatment for Meniere’s Disease

A patient’s before and after of a successful treatment for debilitating Meniere’s Disease. Unfortunately, for Vincent van Gogh diagnosis for Meniere’s was new, and there was no effective treatment available for him.

Excellent Description of Attacks of Vertigo and Its Impact on Daily Lives

Excellent description of attacks of vertigo and its impact on daily lives.

A patient with 15 years of violent vertigo and almost complete loss of hearing has a failed revision surgery. He then has a successful inner-ear surgery and 3 years later is completely free of his vertigo attacks and has a 50% improvement in his hearing.

Vincent van Gogh also suffered from violent attacks of vertigo and he may have attempted his own inner-ear surgery by cutting off his own ear.

Consulting with the CDC Disease Detectives regarding an epidemic viral vertigo outbreak in Thermopolis, WY. The famous painter, Vincent van Gogh, also suffered violent attacks of vertigo. Where Vincent’s attacks caused by a viral infection?

Paula Zahn interviews Dr. Arenberg in 1990 on CBS This Morning about Vincent Van Gogh’s attacks of vertigo and not epilepsy. Dr. Arenberg diagnosed Vincent’s Meniere’s disease.