Interview with Authors Show Radio Host Don McCauley To Be Released Soon

The interview was well organized, and the host, Don McCauley, pleasantly suprised Dr. Arenberg with his expertise in probing deeply into the subject of Vincent van Gogh’s mysterious death leading to Dr. Arenberg answering questions he would not normally get asked.

“It was really a comfurtable interview process,” remarked Dr. Arenberg.

Dr. Arenberg responded to questions asked about the new book, Killing Vincent: The Man, The Myth, and The Murder. The questions ranged from what the impact of my book would have on his target audience to answering the two questions posed on the cover of TIME magazine (October 31, 2011) “Who killed Vincent van Gogh?” and “Was Vincent’s death really a suicide.”

The Authors Show will be releasing the audio of this interview within the next week. The link is be available on the Killing Vincent page.