Who Could Be Responsible For The Death of Vincent van Gogh?

Though financially unstable and commercially unsuccessful in his life, Vincent was well-known in the impressionist art community. He returned home one day with a mysterious fatal wound. His last words are said to be Dont blame anyone for this. Was he telling the truth, or was he protecting his murderer?

Paul Gachet – The Doctor

Paul Gachet was known to be Vincents doctor, friend, and confidante. As an art enthusiast himself, Gachet was the go-to physician for many renowned artists and the ideal friend to support the struggling painter. In his letters, however, Vincent reported their relationship as strained, and there were reports of arguments between the two men. Was there a darker side to this friendship that could have resulted in foul play?

Marguerite Gachet – The Model

Dr. Gachets young daughter, Marguerite, posed for Vincents paintings and drawings on multiple occasions, but it is possible their relationship was deeper than originally thought. Friends reported a blossoming love between the two, and even after Vincents death, she continued to bring flowers to his grave. Is it possible that she knew of the true motives behind the painters death?

Paul Gachet Jr. – The Doctors Son

Paul Gachet, Jr. was notably never painted or sketched by the prolific Vincent, even though his father and sister were both models multiple times. In interviews years later, he confessed to disliking Vincent, calling him not pleasant and uncooth. It is also likely that he did not approve of the relationship between Vincent and his sister. Would a drive to protect Marguerites honor have been a possible motive to harm Vincent?

Rene Secretan – The Bully

Rene was a teenager in Auvers, the town in which Vincent lived. Rene and his friends were known to have bullied and humiliated the reclusive painter on more than one occasion, and Rene was said to have had access to a gun. Was it possible that a prank gone wrong or an extreme act of bullying caused Vincents fatal wound?

The Ravoux Family – The Inkeepers

The Ravoux family ran the inn where Vincent lived and died. It was reported that they owned a gun, which could have been used to inflict the fatal wound. Even if they were not responsible, they would have had access to a great deal of information about their tenants life and saw him in his final days. Is it possible that they knew the true cause of Vincents death?

It Was Someone Else

On the day in which Vincent was mortally wounded, he had left his home to paint the wheat fields. By all accounts, he did much of his painting alone and was extremely predictable in his work schedule. Was it possible he was followed to his workplace by a violent individual wanting to rob him, or worse?