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Vincent Project

The Killing Vincent Project is meant as a historical analysis and exposé, attempting to continue exploring the key questions that TIME magazine asked in its October 31, 2011, cover story: “Who killed Vincent van Gogh?” and “Was van Gogh’s death really a suicide?” on the “Culture” Cover.

I have attempted to answer both questions. This work is not meant as an academic treatise or dissertation, with every observation, thought, and detail requiring documentation.

Fountain Hills Community Center Van Gogh Presentation and Book Signing*

Join Us In Fountain Hills, AZ on October 6th, 2022 at 1-3pm for a 2-hour presentation for an update on the Killing Vincent Project. Please RSVP: Kathleen Kruty, (480) 816-5226 or kkruty@fh.az.gov

* - Killing Vincent books are available at Barnes & Noble, Pima & Shea. Please order your book EARLY when you RSVP.

Our Projects

Literary, Print & Books

The Killing Vincent Project has evolved over 30 years since my first research on Vincent to correct the misdiagnosis of epilepsy.

Docudramas & Documentaries

The Killing Vincent Project is working on many projects to bring the story of van Gogh’s death to light.

Finally Love (Film, Stage, Movies & Theatre)

Finally Love: The Honor Killing of Vincent van Gogh… The story of an inexperienced young girl, Marguerite Clementine Gachet,

Inner Ear & News Appearances

Dr. Arenberg has appeared in the media dozens of times over the last 30 years for his research in inner ear disorders

The Killing Vincent Project (KVP) Books Available

Starting From $3.95

Killing Vincent

Starting From $9.95

Love and Murder

Coming Soon

The Day Vincent Van Gogh Was Murdered

I. Kaufman Arenberg MD

Author and Project Director

Dr. Arenberg was involved in making the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease and not epilepsy in Vincent van Gogh in 1990 to account for his violent “attacks” and hallucinations. He was an ear doctor and a distinguished ear surgeon and Neurotologist. He was an innovator in his field of inner ear surgery for Meniere’s disease with several medical devices/instruments bearing his name. He also had 12 US/International patents issued.

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