What is the Killing Vincent Project

The Critical Unanswered Question In The Unending van Gogh Murder Saga

The Killing Vincent Project is meant as a historical analysis and exposé, attempting to continue exploring the key questions that TIME magazine asked in its October 31, 2011, cover story: “Who killed Vincent van Gogh?” and “Was van Gogh’s death really a suicide?” on the “Culture” Cover.

I have attempted to answer both questions. This work is not meant as an academic treatise or dissertation, with every observation, thought, and detail requiring documentation.

My Books

Do you want to know what really happened
Vincent van Gogh?

Killing Vincent, proved forensically that it was not possible for Vincent to inflict his mortal wound. If Vincent did not shoot himself in the belly (of all places), then whoever put that penetrating wound in his abdomen, murdered him!

Why Was Vincent van
Gogh Murdered ?

Love and Murder, tells the sad story of why Vincent was honor killed, how he was murdered, and what was the trigger or catalyst for killing him.  It also has a sneak preview of chapter one from book three.

What happened to his Lover and
his paintings after he was buried?

 The Day van Gogh was Murdered; The Honor Killing That Changed Art History Forever and Led to the Greatest Art Heist in Modern times. Available now for Pre-order.

Who I Am

I. Kaufman Arenberg MD

I have always had a sense of awe in his persona, his art, and his most unusual character and his art since I was a kid and loved the movie, LUST FOR LIFE with Kirk Douglas. When I studied art history in college, I had Vincent posters in my dorm room and read his letters where he described his “attacks” as “vertige” in French which can only mean inner ear vertigo, a primary characteristic of Meniere’s disease. Inner ear disorders and Meniere’s disease became my major area of interest and expertise as a neurotologist (an ear specialist), as one of my best friends’ mother had a violent vertigo attack in her kitchen while she was hand churning some ice cream for “the boys” in high school. We were all aghast.

The Killing Vincent Project (KVP)


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Prince Harry to Star in New Van Gogh Biopic

In a casting decision sure to make ripples all over Hollywood, representatives for Prince Harry have confirmed that he will play Vincent van Gogh in an upcoming biopic about the infamous painter. It seems clear now that the ex-royal is not only determined to follow his wife, Meghan Markle, away from life in the British monarchy but into her former profession of acting. “Prince Harry is thrilled about this opportunity to further raise awareness about mental health issues,” said his talent agent, Guy Guyerson. “He identifies with Vincent van Gogh in so many ways.” Following the announcement, Prince Harry made a surprise drop-in on the Oprah Winfrey Show to further elucidate his connection to the famed — a famously troubled — Dutch painter. “For one thing, we are both redheads,” he said, “which is a burden that should not be underestimated.” Prince Harry also went on to state that he is similarly “tortured,” and also that his paintings “don’t really look like the things they are supposed to be.” He raised concerns about still having both his ears, but he feels that with sufficient acting prowess, he can overcome that hurdle. “Or … they won’t cut it off, will they?” he asked Oprah. “They won’t cut it off, right?” The Prince added that he had visited Immersive Van Gogh exhibitions in 25 different cities to prepare for the role. He also plans to go look at some of the actual paintings, at some point, though currently he feels that the immersive exhibitions “better serve his process.” From a childhood in the royal spotlight to bestselling author, and now actor, is there anything this audacious redhead won’t try? “I can’t say more right now,” Prince Harry said, smiling mysteriously, “But I am thinking EGOT.”