Finally Love

The Honor Killing of Vincent van Gogh

Finally Love merges infatuation, an illicit love affair, murder, and modern forensics, with a romantic coming of age, multi-decade saga. This is the story of 20-year old Marguerite Celmentine Gachet, the naive and beautiful doctor's daughter.

Marguerite, trapped by her over-protective father, dreamed of any possible escape...then she forged, a passionate, and dangerous liaison with that then-unknown painter Vincent.

This Limited Series follows Marguerite and Vincent’s brief 70-day forbidden love affair before his murder. This scandalous romance risked her family’s reputation… a risk that they were not willing to accept, even if it meant that the only solution was murder. As their love affair spirals towards its tragic conclusion, the viewers will learn the “persons of interest” and “clues” involved in van Gogh’s untimely death. And it is through the eyes of Marguerite, Vincent's naive lover, (and her bastard-sister Louise-Josephine) that we explore one of the most significant and previously unknown “cold cases” in art history, one suppressed for a century, as we finally reveal the truth of who was actually responsible for the death of the iconic Vincent van Gogh, and how this crime affected art history forever.

Unlike other depictions of van Gogh’s life, the true focus of our story is Marguerite, Vincent’s one and only true love. The show is the coming of age story of a girl learning to find love, understand guilt and responsibility, and finally break free from the very abusive prison that she calls home in order to head down a path towards her own redemption.

Finally Love is has been written into: an *8-episode, “Bible” and pilot episode (2020); with potential hybrid release (Universal) and NETFLIX/Streamers, Three ACT STAGE PLAY “FINALLY LOVE”, A 350-page screenplay, Finally Love, from which the limited series was based on using only the first 50 pages, Deck for movie; Finally Love, The Honor Killing of Vincent van Gogh